Teaching German users to invest into Crypto - Karl Mietke

Karl Mietke: Teaching German Users to Invest Into Crypto

Hello Karl, Could you please tell me what are you working on and how did you come up with Kryptokarl.de?

There was a time when people were asking me how to start investing and I really wanted to help them, but after a while there was too much people and I did not have enough time to help all of them so I started recording videos.

I came up with the idea to create a blog about it. I noticed a lot of other cryptocurrency courses were not really covering the basics. They were kind of advanced. From my experience I knew there were a lot of people that wanted to know how exactly does the Blockchain works. So this is how I started.

Of course I am German, so it was also in German. I decided to record some videos for its market to reach all of my friends and friends of friends who wanted to know the basics for investing.

My website was kryptokarl.de but now it is no more active. I am changing some things, adding more videos and stuff like this. I was starting in January this year so it is like nearly one year old. Cryptocurrency market is changing very fast so I need to make updates every once in a while. I will add more information about trading because I was focusing on this topic lately.

I am also creating a meetup once a month in Berlin. It is always good to meet new people. I met one guy there. He was doing trading very successfully, he started to trade cryptocurrencies in 2014.

Everybody knows that the price of Bitcoin went absolutely high but he was not only profiting of the price but also from his trading skills. He was teaching us things like what to buy, when is the perfect timing to buy or sell Bitcoin, what kind of small coins can you buy and sell etc. I have learned a lot from him. I saw that it is very profitable to trade and you can also do it everywhere in the world.

Could you please tell me in which cryptocurrencies are you investing?

Wow, I have quite a lot. Of course I have Bitcoin and I think there is no explanation needed why.

The second biggest- Ethereum. I am using IOS because I think it is very strong computer to mine that coin. A lot of transactions are possible on IOS at the same time.

I have some Ripple, I have to admit. No one likes Ripple but I have some. It is very centralized and a lot of people say it is not really a cryptocurrency but I think it has really strong use cases and more and more banks are using protocols behind Ripple. It is very good to invest in that currency for long term. It can replace the SWiFT system that we have now because it is much more faster and cheaper.

I also have some Monero. I like the privacy thing, I do not like banks and governments so it is a good one for people like me. I think having your own privacy is the biggest advantage of cryptocurrency.

I have IOTA, mostly because it is a German project based in Berlin. I met some people of the stuff so I have seen the team behind the scenes. I think it is very hard working team and a really talented crew. They working together with a lot of German companies like Bosh and Volkswagen so I believe it is a very promising coin.

I also hold Tenex, interesting coin. They promised to get out a visa card. You will be able to load it with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general and then you will be able to spend it in your local currency like Euro, USD, PLN or whatever. You can spend it anywhere, where visa is accepted. The founder of that project is from Austria and I know him personally, his name is Julian Hosp. It is such a great innovation that is going to conquer new markets.

What platforms and tools are you using for investing in cryptocurrencies?

For me, a German guy it is best to use bitcoin.de but it is a platform for Germans only so probably you do not know it. It is the best way to exchange your cryptocurrency into Euro. They are cooperating with the German Fidor Bank and you can get your money on your euro account on the real time. If you want to sell a Bitcoin even on Saturday on Sunday, you will receive your money after few minutes. Before I was using Coinbase but it is not more allowed for German users so I had no choice at all.

Do you have some advice for other cryptopreneurs that are starting or just started?

Just do it, like Nike!

If you are interested in technology I think this is actually the right time for you. A lot of cryptocurrency projects are looking for programmers understanding the blockchain and stuff so if it is possible, just get to the transactions and get to know the team, hang out with them a little bit.

If you are not that much into tech like me, just start investing on your own. I cannot really like do any coding and stuff, I have the basic understanding of the techniques behind the Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies but I was always more interested in alternative financial system without a bank and so on.

There is so many ways you can choose! You can do everything in cryptocurrencies. Really!

When I was starting it was easy for me because there were not many people in Germany doing stuff like I did. The German market was very small and there were not many experts there. If I would have done it on English market it could be harder for me to get that amount of viewers. It is the biggest market worldwide. It is hard to enter it now. There are plenty of people recording and sharing that kind of videos.

It is important to start doing something what you find interesting. You will work and have fun at the same time.

I have to agree with you. It is important to do what you love. Could you please tell me which influential books or podcast you used at the beginning of your career? I suppose there were a lot of German ones.

Yes, there were. I can highly recommend Julian Hosp, he is Austrian, speaking German of course. As I said before, he is one of the founders of Tenex and he is doing a lot in the German market. He does regular tours and meetups, there are sometimes around 1200 people coming so it is quite big venture. He is very well known in Germany. He published few books about Bitcoin, he explains it on the basic level so it helped me really to understand.

Of course Andreas M. Antonopoulos, he is probably the best known worldwide. You can find a lot of speeches of him even like lectures at universities. He also have some books, I remember one title which is The Internet of Money and I think he is a master in Bitcoin.

There is also Roger Ver but I do not like him that much actually. He is the creator of a Bitcoin cash.

Thank you for your recommendations. I hope it will be helpful to our readers. So, the last question is referring to your future plans. How do you see yourself in one year?

Oh, that is a good question! Even within a year I changed a lot so I have to say that I am not that kind of a guy that is making plans for years ahead.

My aim for now is to make contact with as many people as possible because I know that a good network can give you a lot of opportunities in the future. I have still so many things to master about trading so I will go for it now.

Currently everyone is losing a lot of money in cryptocurrencies and I believe that if you are a good trader and you have the knowledge about trading you can still earn instead of losing.

I am planning to stay in Berlin till the end of the year but next year I want to start traveling again. You never know what your future holds.

Also, one friend of mine is starting to work for Bitwala now. It is a company which is offering you an account for your local currency like Euro in Berlin and they offer you the second account for Bitcoin. And on this platform you can really exchange your money and Bitcoin right in the same place. They are the first bank that wants to offer both ones. It is a new way for cryptocurrency so I want to connect with them.

I guess there is nothing else to say. I wish you the best and I hope we meet in Cracow next year. Thank you for your story.

So do I. Thanks!

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