Trading Cryptocurrencies on the iFOREX Trading Platform

The cryptocurrencies market continues to gain traction as more platforms branch out and begin to accept digital coins as a payment mechanism. As the investment in the process begins to expand, the liquidity in the space is rising, requiring advanced investment platforms, that track these products. Recently the Intercontinental Exchange announced a new cash-settled futures contract, which will further increase the demand for investment platforms that track cryptocurrencies. The CFD market continues to be one of the most liquid ways to trade cryptocurrencies. The iFOREX crypto trading platform one of the most efficient ways to transact cryptocurrencies.

Education Portal

If you are unfamiliar with trading cryptocurrencies using contracts for differences (CFDs), a great way to learn about these products is through the iFOREX educational portal. iFOREX offers dozens of articles and videos that describe cryptocurrencies and the different ways to trade these products via contracts for differences. There are several in-depth articles that describe different technical analysis techniques that can be used to determine the future exchange rate of cryptocurrencies.

Dozens of Cryptocurrency Pairs

One of the benefits of trading cryptocurrencies through the iFOREX platform is the company offers dozens of different cryptocurrency pairs. In addition to trading, all of the major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple, iFOREX offer these cryptocurrencies pairs versus other fiat currencies as well as cross cryptocurrencies. For example, you can trade bitcoin versus the US dollar or the Euro or the yen. You can also trade Bitcoin versus Ethereum or Litecoin. These types of offerings provide you with several different securities. You can test these strategies using some of the strategies that are described in the iFOREX educational portal.


When you trade cryptocurrency CFDs through the iFOREX trading platform, you can take advantage of the leverage that is provided by iFOREX. The leverage on that is offered by iFOREX is 10-1 on all the cryptocurrencies that the company offers. This means that iFOREX will lend you 90% of the value of a CFD on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Using leverage helps you enhance your returns. This is considered generous by industry standards. For example, the leverage that is offered by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on the bitcoin futures contracts is 2.5 to 1. 

The Trading Platform

iFOREX also provides a great cryptocurrency CFD trading platform, that allows you to analyze CFDs using charts and technical analysis tools. This allows you to use the trend line, as well as, studies to evaluate the future direction of a cryptocurrency exchange rate. Additionally, you can execute trades using the iFOREX browser-based trading platform, as well as the mobile trading platform that allows you to execute trades while you are on the go. The browser-based platform works in conjunction with the iFOREX mobile platform, keeping track of your positions, balances, as well as your margin levels. The iFOREX platforms allow you to trade cryptocurrencies using CFDs, without having to find a separate trading platform to trade cryptocurrencies.

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